Hypocritical Bullshit in life

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Pretty free today. I senaked of from clinic duties and now i am here. Hahaha.. and i am still getting paid now. Pretty unprofessional. Ah well, whatever. Working life is almost like a routine nowadays. Wake up at 5.30 am, start work on 7am, home at 5 pm, go to gym, dinner, sleep, and it is the whole cycle over and over again. Quite happy wiht ortho because we don't have to deal with the social problems of the patients, just fixed em and turf them somewhere else. Hahaha... awesome.. hate talking too much to patients. Some of their attitudes just gives me the shits. They don't know how lucky they are to have a functioning health care that provides good service. Fucking idiots.. Anyway, got my first pay check.. not gonna say how much it is, but i am really happy. Hahaha..

Nothing going on much now. Met some lovely gals, but i am at a stage of my life where i couldn't be arse about relationship. Still wanna enjoy my bachelor life. Never been healthier, never been happier.

I am reading a book now by Richard Dawkins: God, the delusion. It is a really good read, but i guess most people will dismiss it as a book of Satan before even reading it. Gotta open up ur fucking mind people. Somehow i think the world will be a better place without a religion. There i said it. I am an atheist. So bite me.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Some free time at last

At last i have time to sit down and write something. It is Australia Day today but i still have to work. Just too many patients. But i don't mind, because i am getting double pay. Actually, just typing this 2 lines makes me tired , so fuck it, i am not gonna write a long post. Just that it feels great being a doctor, especially in Orthopaedics. Everything they do here is soo cool.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

long time no see

sorry for lack of up dates. been really busy with work. will post sometime when i have time and internet connection. ciao

Saturday, December 30, 2006


Happy Belated Christmas and Happy New Year everyone. Been really busy eating and drinking and absolutely stuffing myself full with food and alcohol. Tried to run up and down Toowoomba range today and i nearly fainted. I am soo unfit now after all the eating and lack of training. Gotta get meself back into shape.

It is the end of the year now and i normally like to look back and think how this year been. Over all, i think this has been an absolutely wonderful year for me. There were ups and there were down, but whenever there were down, i can always count on my wonderful friends to be there for me. They don't have to know what problems i am having, but just merely their company allows me to be who i am and forgot about all my troubles. I don't think i have to mentioned any names because u fuckers know who u are. Hahaha.. And also, from the down i experience, i learn valuable lessons from it.

Early this year, i choose to do my final clinical year in Toowoomba. I guess it must be a really wonderful place that i fell for its charm and i am gonna work there for 2 more years. I moved into Toowoomba not knowing anybody in the beginning, but i left with 15 wonderful new friends. Still remember the first time i was introduce to them, everyone was acting soo serious and professional. But i wasn't long before i discover that this bunch of students are the loosest bunch of idiots in Medicine. Hahaha... some of the stuff we did was hilarious (hey guys, trying to drink tequila, whiskey, jagger bombs, vodka, Bundy Rum all at one night is definitely not a good idea) . It was good times. The study group was amazing as well, and all of us passed and we are doctors now (God help our patients).

I join a gym up in Toowoomba and it turns out to be a very wise investment. Manage to shed 12 kgs in total, buy i think i have gain a few back since the holidays. Manage to pick up another hobby: running. Trust me people, running is great, it gives u the high that u will never experience doing any other thing. It focus ur mind and u can lose weight by running as well. Can't say anything bad about running except i guess it is really difficult when u start, but once u get into the routine, it is awesome.

Another highlight is one of my close friend got married. This couple have an awesome love story to tell but it is just too complicated for me to describe in words here. All the best to u two and u both are very lucky to have each other. Value and respect ur spouse dearly. I am 100% sure that u guys have the marriage that will last a life time, something that is getting rarer nowadays.

Well the only down i can think of that happen this year is that i broke up with my ex-gf Linda. Long story short, caught her cheating on me with her house mate Adrian. I guess karma's a bitch and it will bite u back right on ur arse. I was dating her while she was still with her previous bf. So kids, don't fuck around with karma, it is true and it is a real bitch. To Adrian, good luck to u dude, i have no hard feelings towards u, u are probably the kind of dude i might have a beer or 2 with. Bu beware mate. All i can say to u both and i mean both is one of my favorite quote " All relationships are based on lies to each other and u two are off to a great start".

Surprisingly it only took me a few days to get over the break-up. Through this i realize that i actually have lost my feeling towards her the few months before we broke up. I was just hanging on for the sake of hanging on. Mental note to self for future purposes: 'don't be an idiot, don't hang on to something that is not working out'.

Another surprising turn of events is that through this episode, i actually get to know Adrian ex-gf better. She was struggling. I can understand why. To be betrayed by ur own bf is bad enough, but to be betrayed by ur one of ur best fren, well i think that is just devastating. Spend hours on MSN cheering her up, putting some sense into her and i hope that she will be alrite by now. Part of growing up honey. And not to forget there is a secret that only 3 person knew. Poor girl, u will grow to be better. What doesn't kill u makes u stronger, and i personally think u are better off now.

Well after the break-up, life was soo much better, i got myself out of the dark hole that was sucking out all my energy. Get to do what ever i want, not to mention i met some lovely gals along the way. But i don't think i wanna get into a relationship yet. Single life is absolutely awesome. Definitely not ready to be tied down again.

I can't think of anymore down. So i will end this with my ultimate achievement so far: my graduation. I can't believe i am a farking doctor after 6 farking long years. It was all worthy in the end. Family was really proud and i am actually the first doctor of the family. Thanks to mum and dad for all the financial and emotional support. Wouldn't be anywhere without u both. Love ya.

Happy New Year to everyone and try to stay sober. Cheers

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Some photos from sunshine coast

Retail Therapy.

Sorry about the vulgarity in the previous post. Actually, fuck it. Hahaha.. I am just too happy to give a shit now. Who reads this crap anyway.

Previously, someone told me that shopping and buying can make a person happy, joyous and release endless amount of endorphins into the blood stream, making them reach a state of ecstasy and elation of mood. Back then, I told them that it is fucking bullshit, but today, i would say there are certain elements of truth in the above statement.

Just took delivery of my brand new Ford and knowing that that baby will be mine and only mine, knowing that i am gonna pay for it with my hard earn money, knowing that i have just take possession of a brand new toy, send a tingle down my spine, and i can feel the rush and surge of excitement and power when i first drove it. The change of gears, the humming of the engine, sound to me like a beautiful melody. Gosh, i was really really really really really really happy.

Graduation ceremony will be held on this Friday in St Lucia. Gonna pick my family up from airport tomorrow night. Gonna show off my car. Muahahaha..Fuck Yeah!! Well, by this Friday, I will be a registered doctor. Six year of sweat,blood and labor has paid off at last. Once again, Fuck Yeah!!

Oh i got a brand new Sony Ericsson W850i. It is a beautiful little phone. Damn, i just realize i have been splurging my ass off. Gotta start controlling myself.

Got my brand new car.. Fuck ya

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Why do people try to fall in love all the time when love is over-rated? Is it really that easy to fall in love? Is the temporary high of falling in love worthy of the endless pain that it brings?
Intriguing questions and thoughts from someone who prefer to see things clearly.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Back in Aus

I am back in Aus. In the coast now looking for a new car. Woohoo!! At last, no more public transport, gonna have my own car. Starting to get a feel of the endless stream of paper work i have to endure in my working life. There are just so many things to do, forms to fill, documents to be prepared.
Test driving new car is really fun. Shopping for new car is fun. Definitely the only way of retail therapy that really make me happy. Too bad can't do it too many times. I am a poor bastard. Can't afford to change car often.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Too much tequilla shots on a night out will torture you the next morning. It's next morning now, and i am being tortured. I am currently doing the usual, swearing to myself i won't drink anymore, but who am i kidding.